What’s more awkward than dating? Dating with asthma.

An asthma diagnosis is based on several factors, including a detailed medical history, a physical exam, your symptoms, and overall health and test results. The first step in diagnosing asthma is talking to your doctor about your symptoms and your health. This can provide clues as to whether asthma or something else is causing your symptoms. Your doctor will likely ask about your symptoms and your exposure to substances that have been linked to asthma. Questions might include:. A spirometer is a diagnostic device that measures the amount of air you’re able to breathe in and out and its rate of flow. To help determine how well your lungs are working pulmonary function , you take a deep breath and forcefully breathe out exhale into a tube connected to a spirometer.

Tobacco Smoke, E-cigarettes and Asthma

Patients receive individualized care tailored to their needs to enhance their quality of life and reduce the frequency and severity of their symptoms. The staff allergists are board-certified in allergy, asthma, and immunology and stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in diagnostic testing and treatments. The friendly staff creates a welcoming environment for children and adults who need assistance managing acute and chronic symptoms of asthma and allergies. The on-site diagnostic testing technologies provide fast and accurate results to uncover the trigger source of environmental and food allergies.

Keep up to date. Contact Us. Breathe supports parents to achieve optimal asthma management Contact us using the form on this website or get in touch with our team directly to learn more about Breathe. haako gmbh. Gewerbestrasse

From shopping and banking to networking and gaming, we use our smartphones for just about everything. Healthcare is no exception. In fact, a number of smartphone apps are available to help people with asthma monitor and manage their symptoms. You may want to recommend these 5 apps to your patients. Propeller Propeller is an FDA-approved technology that allows patients to better understand and control their asthma.

A small sensor clipped to their inhaler sends information to the Propeller smartphone app. The app automatically records data such as where and when the inhaler is used. It also provides reminders and a daily forecast of humidity, temperature, and air quality. App Store: 4 stars 59 ratings 1 Continue Reading. Google Play: 4. The data are presented in a color graph that users can share with their clinician.

Asthma dating

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Colleague’s E-mail is Invalid. Your message has been successfully sent to your colleague. Save my selection. For more than 24 continuing education articles related to respiratory topics, go to Nursingcenter. Up-to-date asthma care. Describe the pathophysiology of asthma. Explain the classification of asthma severity. Identify treatment modalities for asthma. Which statement about asthma triggers is correct? It’s important for patients to know what they’re allergic to because.

Heart 2 Heart: Dating With Allergies and Asthma

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An up-to-date asthma action plan filled out by your doctor should always be available to help guide treatment when symptoms occur. Quick-relief medications​.

Find a Funding Opportunity. Apply for a Grant. After You Submit an Application. Manage Your Award. Funding News. Asthma is a chronic lung disease characterized by episodes of airway narrowing and obstruction, causing wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and shortness of breath. Asthma reduces quality of life and is a major contributing factor to missed time from school and work.

Severe asthma attacks may require emergency room visits and hospitalizations, and they can be fatal. Existing asthma treatments focus on preventing or controlling disease symptoms. While treatment based on NIH guidelines is generally effective at improving asthma control, many people still experience symptoms on a regular basis and suffer from asthma attacks, which can be frightening and dangerous. NIAID and other NIH institutes studying asthma are committed to reducing the burden of this disease, which disproportionately affects minorities and families living at or below the poverty line.

NIAID supports targeted research to understand the underlying immune responses that lead to asthma. This understanding may aid the development of asthma prevention strategies and treatments to improve life for those already living with the disease. To learn about risk factors for asthma and current prevention and treatment strategies visit the Medline Plus asthma site.

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Skip to content. Learn the signs and symptoms of food allergy. Students will have new protocols in place as they try to keep allergies and asthma under control. An asthma attack can be a terrifying experience. You struggle to draw in a full breath. Your chest tightens. Your breathing quickens. Asthma is an inflammation and obstruction of the bronchial tubes — the passages that allow air to enter and leave the lungs. During an asthma attack, the muscles that surround the bronchial tubes constrict, narrowing the air passages and making it extremely difficult to breathe.

Other common symptoms are wheezing and a rattling sound in the chest. The duration of an attack can vary, depending on what caused it and how long the airways have been inflamed.


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Tobacco smoke, whether you inhale from your own cigarette or breathe in secondhand smoke, is dangerous to your health. E-cigarettes may not be much better. When you have asthma, either type can be even worse. Electronic cigarettes e-cigarettes is the name given to a group of battery-operated tobacco products that allow users to inhale aerosolized liquid e-juice that has nicotine and other substances. The terms “e-cigarettes” and “e-cigs” are often used for electronic cigarettes, as well as for e-pens, e-pipes, e-hookah, and e-cigars.

These products are also sometimes called “JUULs” after a branded e-cigarette of the same name , “vapes,” and “vape pens. E-cigarettes may not be as dangerous for the person with allergies and asthma as real cigarettes. However, the dangers of e-cigarettes on allergies and asthma are not yet known so must be taken seriously. The e-juice in e-cigarettes is not pure, and could trigger an asthma attack or worsen nasal allergy symptoms, either by the person using the e-cigarettes or even from a person breathing the “second-hand” vapor that comes from the e-cigarette.

It is important for people to know that e-cigarettes are not a safe alternative to smoking real cigarettes.

San Antonio Asthma & Allergy

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Learn about controlling your asthma at CDC’s asthma site. Make sure you are up to date on vaccinations that help protect your health.

Asthma is a major noncommunicable disease characterized by recurrent attacks of breathlessness and wheezing, which vary in severity and frequency from person to person. Symptoms may occur several times in a day or week in affected individuals, and for some people become worse during physical activity or at night. During an asthma attack, the lining of the bronchial tubes swell, causing the airways to narrow and reducing the flow of air into and out of the lungs.

Recurrent asthma symptoms frequently cause sleeplessness, daytime fatigue, reduced activity levels and school and work absenteeism. Asthma has a relatively low fatality rate compared to other chronic diseases. The strongest risk factors for developing asthma are a combination of genetic predisposition with environmental exposure to inhaled substances and particles that may provoke allergic reactions or irritate the airways, such as:.

Other triggers can include cold air, extreme emotional arousal such as anger or fear, and physical exercise. Even certain medications can trigger asthma: aspirin and other non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, and beta-blockers which are used to treat high blood pressure, heart conditions and migraine. Urbanization has been associated with an increase in asthma prevalence. But the exact nature of this relationship is unclear. Although asthma cannot be cured, appropriate management can control the disease and enable people to enjoy a good quality of life.

Short-term medications are used to relieve symptoms. Medications such as inhaled corticosteroids are needed to control the progression of severe asthma and reduce asthma exacerbation and deaths.

Natural Remedies for Asthma