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I need to replace my Tom Tom and am planning a trip to New Zealand visiting the North and South Islands, Is it worth me investing in a world wide Tom Tom or just hopefully rely on paper maps and 4 people giving their opinion! Once out of the larger cities that’s a reasonable answer as it’s hard to get lost going between cities and towns. However, once out of the cities there isn’t much street lighting and road signs leave a lot to be desired. Auckland s very difficult to navigate without a GPS. I always use my Garmin in NZ, it has served me well. Some people like to use Google Maps on-line or off line on their smartphone.

Best sat-nav apps 2020

Not so long ago, separate sat-nav systems were the car accessory. Over time they got slimmer, the screens bigger, the technology inside them more intelligent. But, demand for separate sat nav systems has dropped dramatically in recent years. The increasing prevalence of in-built, factory-fitted nav units is a factor, but arguably the biggest reason for the drop is Google Maps and other apps of that ilk.

Does anyone regularly use a sat nav app that’s not Google Maps or it comes to having an up to date map, of the three apps I use (Google.

Sign up to the Carbuyer newsletter. The smartphone has changed how we interact with the world around us, and with sat nav apps are arguably one of their most useful features, helping us get around far more easily. The most popular and highly rated sat-nav apps are responsive and clear, with simple menus and reliable routes to your destination. Such is the choice of sat-nav apps, it can be difficult to know the good and bad points of each, along with the additional benefits of paying for an app from a well known brand like TomTom or Garmin.

Image 2 of 9. A side bar shows useful info such as nearby fuel stations and potential delays. The traffic alerts are impressive too.

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A navigation system is more or less essential equipment for any modern motorist — after all, who wants to read a map when a computer will do it for you? Built-in navigation systems are expensive, though, leaving many motorists little option but to get an aftermarket system. But with so many options across such a broad price range, what do you pick? Here is our run down of ten options, ranging from free to rather expensive.

* Toolbox is a free, easy-to-use application that allows you to download and install available map updates on your navigation system.

New ‘dating‘ app Blendr offers men and women the chance to see available ‘partners’ – and how far away they are in metres. The ‘dating‘ app Grindr – mentioned by Stephen Fry on Top Gear – allows gay men armed with sat-nav-equipped iPhones to find nearby ‘dates’. It is used by 2. This week, the long-rumoured ‘straight’ version – Blendr – launched, allowing men and women to log on, and look at a gallery of nearby potential mates, seeing a photo, their interests, and whether they are online.

A green light shows that someone is using the app at that moment – and exactly how far away they are in metres. Blendr is free, now, via iTunes store. However, the ‘green light’ that shows someone is online and keeps track of them via sat-nav seems rather over-the-top if the app’s purpose is simply to find someone to ‘share interests’ such as football or musicals with.

The site’s creators suggest that one uses Blendr ‘to make new social connections with people nearby who share similar interests, or go to the same places,’ rather than simply to seek sexual partners. Blendr is the ‘straight’ cousin of Grindr – an iPhone app that uses sat-nav location to find nearby sexual partners for gay men.

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The Navmii Navfree app uses maps from an open source mapping system that have been built by over 3. The maps require users to keep the details up to date, and as such, there is a chance of inaccuracies and a lack of data for more rural areas, but you can always add information to the project yourself if something needs amending. But, with 20, map corrections made each month by its users, the maps are likely to be more up to date than your premium satnav, minus live subscription updates, of course.

Apps. 5 best sat nav apps for driving in Europe. If you’re new to are we relying on crumpled up road maps and out-of-date sat navs that have.

Having a built-in satellite-navigation system in your car used to be considered state of the art tech. But these days, the smartphone that you carry in your pocket is likely to be more sophisticated, connected, up-to-date and easier to use. The biggest names in phone navigation are constantly improving their systems with extra features to make finding your destination faster and easier. We tried eight leading apps to see which should find its way into your phone, and which you should tell to get lost.

Rather than an exact postcode, we entered a partial address to see if the app could find it. We then stopped halfway and asked for the nearest petrol station and a restaurant. We checked the accuracy of the ETA and scored the clarity of the guidance. We also took a deliberate wrong turn and saw how quickly the app got us back on track. Points were then added for useful optional extras, plus we took into account any costs.

Google Maps works brilliantly in most situations, using the might of the search engine and mapping data to make guidance incredibly simple. Once on the move, you are part of the crowd, which feeds back live traffic data.

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If you have a device purchased prior to , it is possible it did not come with free map updates. This process is painless, straightforward and the cheapest solution. For this reason alone, it might be worth considering upgrading you device altogether with a new device. While it is a basic unit, it has free lifetime map updates and also supports Eircodes.

Details of the unit can be found here: Straightforward 5″ sat nav with lifetime Ireland and UK maps, dual-orientation display, driver alerts, million of points of interest, compatible with BC30 reversing camera. If your sat-nav has a ‘LM’ designation, for example, the nuvi LM or nuvi LM then your device comes with free lifetime map updates.

It is rather discreet and easy to miss. It might be easier to open the My Map in the Google Maps app (menu – Your Places – scroll the top bar.

Sat navs are the perfect travel companion. No matter how obscure your destination is, as long as your maps are fully up to date it should get you there with ease. It will also find you a route that suits you best, be it the fastest, shortest or avoiding motorways. Some sat navs even come with some helpful extra features, from traffic updates to speed camera alerts to make your journey as stress free as possible.

Each GPS sat nav comes with a selection of maps, either pre-installed or ready to download. Not all sat navs have a large storage memory, so maps may need to be downloaded when you need them. Additional maps are usually available for a small fee.

Grindr: Can new sat-nav iPhone dating app find ‘love’ lurking just a few metres away?

I just want to avoid wasting time looking for place names that i am unfamiliar with, things like retail parks, etc…. I have a Garmin already but find it hassle keep locking it away, etc. Would rather just utilise my phone holder for the first time in a long while.

Use TomTom MyDrive Connect to update your TomTom sat nav. Learn To update your TomTom navigation device, you need to install the MyDrive Connect application on your PC or Mac computer. MyDrive Keep your device up-to-date​.

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If they don’t, it won’t.

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