Dogs and Cats in Dating Preferences | Role of Pets in Dating

Jump to navigation. Love life a bit lacking? It might be time to get a dog: our latest user survey has revealed that Canadian singles think that dog owners are extra attractive. So why are Canadian singles so attracted to people with pets? Sample size: Canadian singles. If you’re a journalist or blogger seeking more information about a press release or about EliteSingles research then please be in touch. You can contact Sophie on Twitter or reach her by email: press elitesingles. Member login. Find a Match.

Must Love Dogs? What Women Think When You Don’t Like Pets

But chill. We dog persons do not expect you to. Yes…read it like you are singing the song. For a dog person, the only difference between a human family member and their dog is…..

ou’ve finally found someone who’s smart, attractive and appreciates your quirks. a partner’s pet, regardless of whether it’s included as part of the initial dating.

Wondering why your date from Friday night is ghosting on you? If you weren’t on board with his furry roommate, that could be the reason. A whopping 66 percent of single pet owners said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets, according to a recent survey by Match. The two companies surveyed over 1, pet-owning singles to uncover the truth about cats, dogs, and dating.

And it turns out, your thoughts on furry friends are pretty damn important when it comes to dating a pet lover. Exhibit A: these male celebs who look even hotter with their pets —not that they needed the help. But what if your date’s cat sends you into a sneezing fit? Well, it’s not like they can hold that against you or at least, they shouldn’t!

Tell us: Is it a deal breaker if your date doesn’t like your pet? Or have you ever been dumped because you didn’t mesh well with their animal? Tell us about it in the comments below. Weight Loss. United States.

Need a Date? First, Get a Dog

No matter how you slice it, when you are dating and looking for someone to spend most of your time with, you want that person to be accepted by everyone. We bring our dates around friends and family. But the most important opinion that matters is your pet!

In fact, as a pet parent, you’re going to have an added layer to deal with in the “​getting to know you” phase of dating someone new. Things can.

Begin typing to search. What would your life be without having your dog, without having your furry friend by your side? The happiness a dog brings to my life is indescribable. Dogs makes us feel less lonely and stressed. The time we spend with them is amazing and it goes by very fast. Most of the time I walk with my dog, I get approached by adults and kids to pet him. My dog is a people-meeting magnet. Will my dog help me get a date?

It will be interesting to find out. Around 1, people who registered with online dating site, Match. Participants completed a questionnaire asking how pets influenced their dating life.

9 Ways Having A Dog Affects Your Dating Life

That Tinder picture of a nice, caring guy posing with his adorable best friend might not quite be everything it seems. Appearance: You are just so cute and adorable! Yes you are. Yes you ARE! All the dogs on Tinder — and the other dating apps that are available.

A whopping 66 percent of single pet owners said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets, according to a recent survey by

When one woman’s husband gave her an ultimatum — him or the dogs — the dogs won. If you too have ended a relationship because your partner didn’t love your pets, you’re not alone. Choosing a pet over a partner is more common than you think. A new poll of 3, dog parents from on-demand dog walking service, Wag! And, it’s not just millennials who choose pets over people. One woman even went as far as to end a year marriage after her husband demanded she choose between staying married to him or keeping her dogs , Express UK reported.

I thought after 25 years, he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions were,” dog parent Liz Haslam, 49, told the newspaper. Obviously that was his choice. Haslam’s decision isn’t much of a shock for dog devotees, as is evidenced from a study earlier this year by Link AKC, a company that makes smart collars for dogs, that found that 50 percent of pet parents regularly decline social invitations in favor of lounging with their dogs guilty.

If you want to get more time with your friends or your BAE, you might want to get a dog because the poll from Wag! What’s more, ” Dogs play a crucial role in romantic relationships ,” the poll noted. The struggle is real. The poll also noted that many pup parents use their dogs to attract potential partners, and are successful 84 percent of the time.

“Pets And Dating” Survey Shows Love Of Animals Is Key

That’s it. I’m out. I’m sorry, you’re a beautiful girl, have a great job, a better education, and all those other things I listed out on my online dating profile. But I’ve had about enough. My guess is this isn’t the first time a guy has broken it off with you out of nowhere, so you’re probably wondering why this keeps happening. Sorry to say it but your little four-legged friend makes you undateable.

No matter how you slice it, when you are dating and looking for someone to spend most of your time with, you want that person to be accepted.

A detailed survey about this issue made a few valuable points, and we are here to see what are the most important findings revealed here and how they translate to our daily lives. Hook up with him. More than 60 percent of men and women would not consider dating someone who does not like pets, and 70 percent of the surveyed singles think that it is very important how their date reacts to their pet.

So, this may be the way your pet will play a role when it comes to engaging in a relationship with someone. Your pet can also influence if a potential partner will be attracted to you, with 35 percent of women being more attracted to singles with a pet, and more than 70 percent of the surveyed women thinking that dog owners are the sexiest dates. You can even meet a new and interesting person while buying Royal Canin dog food.

Maybe your partner uses the same brand. Pet ownership is linked to positive mental health and it develops a sense of responsibility and commitment.

Dating Pet Parents Want Approval From Pets

Want to share yours? The first time Justin introduced me to his cat, it bit me. Sorry, he bit me. Other people seemed to feel the same way — I often felt more judged for not liking animals than I did for any of my worst qualities.

Now I just so happen to be married to a woman who is affectionate with our cats. But let’s assume for a moment that I was single If she’d be.

We identify as dog-moms and dog-dads. We are dog parents, and our parents are dog-grandparents. Our siblings are dog-aunts and uncles, and even our friends are dog-godparents. We love our dogs, and they are as much a part of our family as any human is. Our dogs are family. Who knows maybe the restaurant owner is a dog-lover like us. Wherever we go, and wherever you try to take us, we will probably try to bring our dogs too.

Being a dog-parent is not always glamorous. We most likely have more photos with our dogs than our significant others. Our dogs are our home screen, our lock screen, and their bark might even be our ring tone.

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