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Be they athletes, actors, singers, or reality stars, the world is obsessed with celebrities. The evolution of new media and social media, along with various technological advances and innovations over the past decade, has made it easier than ever for us to follow their every move. Drunken late-night rants, stints in drug rehab, stories of infidelity, and celebrity breakups seem to rule the celebrity news cycle. But too often we fail to highlight the positive moments. Maybe we have a subconscious desire to prove that celebrities are just as flawed as us regular folk. Clubine, a native of Kansas City, MO shameless plug for my home state , has certainly expanded her horizons well beyond the Show Me State. Just as she has been able to reach the top of her profession as the host of the No. They may not be well known to Americans, but this couple is a big deal in their native Australia. Hewitt made history back in when he became the youngest No. Cartwright is an actress and award-winning singer who may be best known to the U.

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Why do we give men who can read music so much more validation than men who can read literature and prose? Maybe we like to imagine them strumming their fingers on us. Maybe we figure the sense of rhythm in their hips and their hands will translate to the bedroom. Maybe we like to imagine them writing love songs and gripping guitar solos about our love affair.

at some other high-profile romances between athletes and music artists I love you Toon: Tulisa Contostavlos is dating Newcastle’s Danny.

By Brian Gallagher For Dailymail. Late rapper Nipsey Hussle passed away exactly one year ago on Tuesday, with a number of musicians, athletes and more honoring his legacy. One of his musical collaborators, DJ Khaled, paid tribute to his memory on Tuesday, along with a slew of athletes such as Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving.

Tributes came pouring in from others in the world of sports, including another Los Angeles native, Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. We miss you bro,’ with the hashtag TheMarathonContinues. Denver Broncos cornerback Davontae Harris added, ‘Nipsey left us with enough knowledge for a lifetime. Rest in Paradise. Send a couple prayers up for his family.

He added in another tweet, ‘Today is about Nipsey Hussle save the pandemic talk for another day,’ referring to the coronavirus outbreak. Send a couple prayers up for his family’. No pandemic talk: He added in another tweet, ‘Today is about Nipsey Hussle save the pandemic talk for another day,’ referring to the coronavirus outbreak. Hussle was born and raised in Los Angeles, who first became known for his mixtapes such as The Marathon and The Marathon Continues, which many fans referenced in their tribute tweets.

His debut studio album Victory lap was released in , and he was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

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Musicians are a rare breed. More likely you will hear innumerable practice sessions, tedious warm-up exercises, and musical phrases repeated over and over and over. I sound like CRAP today!

all fun and games. If you are planning to date or marry a musician, here’s fair warning. Like athletes, we have to stay in shape. Playing an.

By Greg Rienzi. In the summer of , Peabody Conservatory guitar student David Sobel awoke with what he describes as “charley horse of the arm”—acute, breath-stealing pain in his left elbow. The previous night, Sobel had performed at a marathon guitar competition, playing six to eight hours with only a few short breaks. The next morning, his arm hurt too much to even pick up his instrument, so Sobel scrapped his normal morning routine of coffee and scales.

Then he did what many musicians in his situation do—pretend that nothing happened. He refused to open up to peers and teachers, in part denying to himself how badly he was injured, in part afraid of the potential repercussions. Word might spread that he was damaged goods. He could be passed over for a job or a competition. But wishing the problem away proved little help.

Each time Sobel tried to play, the pain returned. He saw a massage therapist, but the manipulation of damaged soft tissue in therapy offered no relief, and prolonged time off from playing was out of the question. A week later, the pain still acute, Sobel came clean about his arm during a regular practice session with his teacher, Julian Gray, chair of Peabody’s Guitar Department. Gray told Sobel not to worry. He knew just who to call—his wife and fellow Guitar faculty member, Serap Bastepe-Gray, known inside the walls of Peabody as The Healer.

20 Celebrities Who Prefer to Not Date Other Famous People

Sometimes the world of sports and entertainment collide. When they do, relationships can be formed that make an ultimate power couple across two major industries. These ladies certainly do love a man in a uniform, and their athlete husbands scored big when they married these popular celebrities.

While athletes dating musicians isn’t weird, it sure is when the musician is a burgeoning country music star and the athlete is situated in.

Subscriber Account active since. Sometimes the entertainment industry and sports industry collide, leading to some pretty famous couples with very different talents. Here are 10 celebrities who are in a relationship with a professional athlete. Jennifer Lopez, a musician, and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, a now-retired professional baseball player, have been dating since although they first met at a Yankees game in Both have children from their past relationships.

Rodriguez has two daughters, Natasha and Ella, from his past marriage to Cynthia Scurtis. Gabrielle Union, an actress who first gained notoriety after playing the role of Isis in ‘s “Bring it On,” and Dwayne Wade, a three-time NBA champion who is now retired, first met in The couple first made their debut in and briefly split in During this time , Wayde had a son, Xavier, with Aja Metoyer. Union and Wade tied the knot in

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Consider three kinds of celebrities: politicians, athletes, and musicians. We clearly hold politicians to higher moral and social standards than we do musicians. This makes sense because we feel more vulnerable to bad behavior by politicians than by musicians. An out of control politician could kill us all, while an out of control musician would at worst just fail to make music we like.

What about athletes?

This next athlete used to have his own dating show. in numerous hip hop music videos and has been connected to many musicians.

Sports are about giving people a show too, and perhaps that is why so many celebrities started off their careers in the sporting world before making it in the entertainment industry. Some stars found their way after after suffering injuries while playing sports, while others had it on their minds the entire time. Some played professionally, some in college, some just in high school, but one thing they all have in common is that they were pretty damn good at whatever they played.

Before Johnson made his name as the hardest working man in Hollywood, he was crushing people on the gridiron for the Miami Hurricanes. Johnson played on the defensive line and was part of the squad that won the national title—a team that also included future Pro Football Hall of Fame player Warren Sapp. Johnson leveraged that experience in his HBO series Ballers , in which he portrays a star NFL player transitioning into a financial management career.

Schwarzenegger made his name as one of the greatest bodybuilders and fitness athletes of all time before he turned his focus and his famous physique toward acting. Universe title when he was just Schwarzenegger also won seven Mr. Before Crews became a scene-stealing actor in projects like Friday After Next , The Expendables series, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine , it looked like he would have a promising career in football. Crews played defensive end at Western Michigan University, where he helped the Broncos win a conference title before being drafted by the Los Angeles Rams in Reynolds was injured during his freshman year and later was in a car accident that re-aggravated his injury, ending any chance at a football future.

Reynolds finished his time with the Seminoles with just rushing yards and two touchdowns, but his movie star success earned him a spot in the Florida State Hall of Fame.

Country Music’s Most Unexpected Couples

Just downright charming. Wonder no more. Danny Fujikawa is a musician, actor, and co-owner of a record company.

Kate Hudson is currently dating Danny Fujikawa. Here’s a look at her relationship with Danny, plus a look back on Kate Hudson’s past.

Subscriber Account active since. From musicians to athletes, to every industry in between, some of the most popular individuals have formed the most iconic power couples. Sometimes in different states or countries, these athletes and their significant others have overcome the distance and stress that can be put on their relationships. It often leads to making both halves even more successful than they already are. Tennis star Roger Federer met former tennis star Mirka Vavrinec now Federer competing for Switzerland during the Sydney Olympics, which was also where they shared their first kiss.

In March , Roger and Mirka announced they were expecting their first child and married a few weeks later. They welcomed twin girls in July. Zach and Julie Ertz met at a Stanford University baseball game in where Zach was a player on the football team. Julie was on the soccer team at Santa Clara University and later that year, the two began dating.

10 of the most famous celebrity-athlete couples

They know the same people, go to the same places and live the same sort of lifestyle. Of course, these relationships are not always with other celebs. In many cases, stars find love with professional athletes. Check out some of the top celebs who are currently or have in the past been romantically linked to pro sports players. Model and actress Brooklyn Decker met tennis star Andy Roddick on a television talk show.

Roddick was immediately taken with Decker and asked her out repeatedly for five months before she finally said yes.

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All data collected through our Website is stored on servers located in the United States. Basic Info First Name. We and our trusted partners use cookies and tracking technologies to create dating content for your enjoyment and to provide advertising in musicians with your interests. Let me further explain why actual dating as a musician is so hard. Consider three kinds of celebrities: politicians, athletes, and musicians.

We clearly hold politicians to higher moral and social standards than we do musicians. This makes sense because we feel more vulnerable to bad behavior by politicians than by musicians. An out of control politician could kill. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Connect with:. No one can say for sure but as said earlier they probably attract different kinds of women. Unfortunately, that information is classified. With sports often comes the risk of injuries.

You can be there for each other when things go wrong.

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Being a rising pop starlet comes with a ton of perks While being young, beautiful, and musically gifted is enough to garner attention from just about anyone, these singers have been lucky enough to catch the eye of accomplished professional athletes. Both are super talented and always in the spotlight. Although most celebrity pairings are known to fizzle out almost as soon as they heat up, some actually blossom into true love.

Far more than just a fling or a casual thing, these pop star and pro-athlete duos are famous for their serious long-term relationships.

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Ever wonder what it would be like to date a professional soccer player? These celebrities hit the jackpot and found love on the soccer field. Let us refresh your memory as we list the top famous footballer-celebrity couples. Some are married, some are engaged and some are dating, but all are known for their own accomplishments and success. Here’s a sneak peak at the couples who made the list.

Keep scrolling for pictures and information about each couple. Follow The18 for more lists:.

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The world of Hollywood seems so big when you incorporate actors, actresses, models, athletes and musicians; however, it also seems so small as the biggest stars seem to form relationships even though it would seem impossible they would meet. While it is common for celebrities from all facets of the industry to date each other, the country music world of all genres seems to stay pretty close knit within itself with country music stars often dating other country stars or their high-school sweethearts or other people completely outside of the industry.

However, some seemingly random country music relationships have popped up. Either because it seems so unlikely or because it happened out of scandalous circumstances, these relationships were certainly unexpected. Actress turned country singer Jana Kramer has had a crazy ride when it comes to her romantic life.

Nipsey Hussle remembered by musicians, athletes and more on the one-year Lauren London denies dating Diddy and proclaims late rapper.

Register – Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the PopCulture. Country music and sports may, on the surface, not seem to have all that much in common but athletes and artists share some of the same experiences. From busy touring schedules and performing for millions of people to red carpet events and always being in the spotlight, musicians and athletes have a unique understanding of each others’ worlds.

It should be no surprise then that when it comes to relationships, the ladies of country music and professional athletes make beautiful music together, so much so that several country music stars have said “I do” to their famous athlete beaus. In , Decker told Bustle that a text from a friend was the catalyst for her relationship with the football star. Her friend sent a photo.

Decker’s response? These days the couple lives in Nashville with their kids. Danks proposed to the Pistol Annies singer after a show on the group’s tour. Fellow country star Blake Shelton officiated the ceremony while Monroe’s best friend, Miranda Lambert, served as her maid of honor. On Christmas Day , Monroe took to Twitter to share an ultrasound photo announcing that she and Danks were expecting their first child.

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